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The Brian/Justin Fanfiction Community

B/J Fic
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BJfic Library

This is a community for Brian/Justin fanfiction writers and readers. 


Please only join if you are classified as an adult in the country
within which you reside. Random checks on profiles will be carried out,
and if it states you are underage you will be banned. Sorry - this it out
of our control. Membership is now moderated to help with this.

If you are linking to fic on your journal, make sure the post is
PUBLIC. People should not have to f-list your journal to read fics
highlighted here. If you need to up your friend list that badly, go bribe
a few people!

Make sure your comments to your post are ENABLED

Please keep banners and other graphics to a minimum to avoid being
beaten over the head with the mod stick.

Please do not link to any fics
on bjfic.net! If you are referencing a fic there, just state name and
author (due to technical issues). Thanks!

you have any questions or comments about the community, please contact [info]bloodyrose82!


  1. Only fanfiction should be posted here.
    No discussion is allowed. There are several general QAF and B/J
    communities that allow episode chat.

  2. All fic must focus on and involve the
    relationship between Brian Kinney and

    Justin Taylor of "Queer As Folk". Love triangles and
    threesomes are okay, but

    Brian/Justin must be the MAIN focus of the fic.

  3. We do NOT allow RPF (real-person fic).

  4. If your fiction contains material that
    may upset or offend other members

    please include a warnings. Be especially careful to label fiction that
    has sex

    scenes involving pairings other than B/J. Below are a few things which
    MUST be

    warned about. If your fic contains these you MUST give fair warnings
    in the


      • BDSM

      • Major Character Death (Deaths of
        Brian and/or Justin)

      • Justin/Other

      • References to Real-Life Events
        (9/11, the war....)

      • Threesome / Orgy

      • Unsafe Sex

      • Minor Character Death
        (Deaths of other characters)

      • Justin/Ethan

      • Suicide

      • Violence / Abuse

      • Het

      • Rape

      • Brian/Michael

      • Spoilers

      • Brian/Other

  5. Put your fanfiction behind a LJ Cut.
    Headers go outside of the cut.

  6. You can use this or a similar header for
    the fic.

    • Title:

    • Author Name:

    • Author Email:

    • Author Website/List:

    • Rating:

    • Warnings:

    • Notes:

    • Disclaimer: