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Too Hot

Title: Too Hot
Author: darksylvia
Summary: PWP. Brian and Justin at the loft.
Rating: Explicit sex.
Author's notes: This is totally without purpose except for the B/J love (not that that isn't a purpose in and of itself!). It was inspired by sweetestdrain’s googlism challenge thingie, only here, as opposed to there, I actually got to the sex. So I guess this was officially my first QAF fanfic, albeit unfinished until now. And, er, I can’t remember who it was who decided that the leg-slap was the sign to finish, but you are obviously a genius and really observant and I bow down to you. Thank you, luciblue, for beta-ing it! Anything I messed up since then is totally my fault, since I can't leave things alone.
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“I’m hot,” Justin said, flopping down stomach first onto the wood floor of the loft. It wasn’t the bed of ice he would have liked, but it was still better than anything else aside from climbing directly into the refrigerator. Besides, he had already tried that anyway, and nearly broke a shelf and displaced Brian’s precious soda water.

“Yes, you are,” said Brian in exaggerated patience from the couch, “Now put away your ego and come over here and tell me which one of these has the best logo.” Brian was surrounded by ad layouts, ranging all over the couch and the coffee table, in an effort to finish this self-imposed weekend homework before he would allow himself to go to Babylon tonight. This, of course, immediately made Justin think of Cinderella finishing her chores so she could go to the ball, because he’d gotten Molly a book of fairy tales yesterday. He grinned into the floor at the image and then wondered if he should have shared that joint with Brian, after all. His tolerance was definitely going up, but Brian was good at finding the really strong stuff.

“I’m never moving again,” replied Justin. “At least until maintenance has fixed the air conditioning.” He spread his limbs out a little more to find cooler spots on the hard wood. Hard wood -- ha ha. He was laying on a lot of hard wood. He glanced over to find Brian looking at him with a bemused expression.

“The only person with less tolerance for weed than you is Michael.” Brian stared at him a moment longer, and then got up. He stalked around the couch in his usual boneless way and then disappeared behind Justin. A moment later, Justin felt a hand close around his ankle. A split second after that, a warm weight settled over him. “And if you don’t move,” continued Brian near his ear, in that dangerously low tone, “We can’t go dancing at Babylon, and I can’t fuck you in front of a back room full of jealous queers.” Brian pushed his nose into the back of Justin’s neck and pressed his hips down a little more firmly. Justin could feel the evil smile as it formed on Brian’s lips. Damn Brian and his annoying habit of exploiting Justin’s exhibitionist streak.

“It’s only five,” said Justin, arching a little as Brian bit his neck. “What could we possibly we do until then?”

Justin felt a hand descend down his side to grip his hip hard as Brian started to move his hips. God, Brian in low-slung jeans grinding against his ass was almost hotter than a naked Brian. Except nothing was hotter than Brian naked. He wore his nakedness like a designer suit so perfect it hadn’t been invented yet. Justin’s brain was stuck on fairy tales, so he thought of the Emperor’s New Clothes, but any impulse to laugh was abruptly cut off when Brian slid his tongue into Justin’s ear.

Brian moved his other hand down to the opposite hip and braced all his weight against Justin’s back in order to slide Justin’s briefs off, scraping his nails along hip bones and the backs of his knees on the way down. Justin felt a burst of heat and then an answering wave of sweat break out all over him, and this time it had nothing to do with the record temperature.

“Sorry, Sunshine.” His tone was mocking. “If I take the time to fuck you now, this layout may never get done.” Suddenly, the weight on top of him disappeared, leaving Justin naked, high, and horny, which wasn’t acceptable in his current position. His skin stuck uncomfortably to the floor.

Fine, he thought. Finish the layout, then get fucked by Brian. He could handle that. He pushed off the floor and walked to the back of the couch to look over the ad layouts.

“That one,” he said, pointing.

“I thought that the product name should be centered.” Brian picked up the layout Justin had chosen. They both stared down at the half-naked guy on the cover, oiled muscles caught mid-motion as he ran down the beach.

“No. It’s good to be able to see that guy’s shoulder. If the words were over farther, it would be hard to see that he’s running, which is the whole point of the ad--” Justin paused for emphasis, a trick he’d learned from Brian, and finished virtuously,“--physical fitness.”

“Right,” said Brian. “What do you think about the color?”

“The red should go. It’s too dark. Something lighter. Orange or magenta, maybe.”

“Something hotter?” asked Brian innocently. Without turning his head from the ad, he reached a hand behind him and stroked Justin lightly on the stomach. Justin’s eyes half-closed and he moved Brian’s hand down a little bit, where it should have been aiming in the first place, but after just grazing Justin’s cock, Brian withdrew his hand and continued conversationally, “Should I keep the border or let it run to the end of the page?”

“Uh--” Justin brought his focus sharply back to the ads. Brian was a harsher taskmaster with himself than he was with anyone else and could get trapped in his own perfectionism. It was up to Justin to free Brian so that he could fuck Justin. Maybe bent over the couch this time. He started to pitch forward in slow motion in anticipation, but then caught himself.

Right. Brian. Trapped in his tower of anal retentiveness. Justin smiled widely at the image of Brian trapped in a tower, with himself below, to the rescue. But what could he climb? He choked on his own laughter at the images that flooded his head.

Focus, he thought. His brain made an admirable attempt to cut through the haze of weed and he looked at the page Brian was holding. “The border should go,” he said, having no idea what was going to come out of his mouth. “The ad is about no limits, being invincibly fit.” He waved his arms a little for emphasis. “Boxing it in will give the wrong feel. It’s not a neat, stark layout. It’s a messy, lively one.” Justin took a moment to give himself a mental pat on the back at how good that sounded.

Brian nodded and made a few notes on a steno notebook, before he tossed it all aside, wrapped one long arm around Justin and dragged him over the back of the couch and into his lap, shedding rejected layouts on the way. Justin let out a surprised laugh and before he could draw breath for another one, Brian’s tongue was in his mouth, and he decided breathing was definitely the most expendable action of the two. Bracing his arms on the couch, he pushed up into the kiss and then broke away so that he could re-situate himself to straddle Brian. Much better, he thought. His skin almost buzzed. It was somehow even hotter being pressed up against a still-clothed Brian, rubbing against the fabric of his soft t-shirt, while he reached around to cup Justin’s ass in his warm palms.

Brian was grinning and Justin was vaguely aware that the panting was coming from his own lungs and then they were kissing again, openmouthed, their tongues sliding together. Brian reached down and tugged his own jeans open so that their cocks could do the same, giving Justin’s a friendly stroke on the way back up to grip Justin’s hip. Justin let his head fall back, Brian sank his teeth into Justin’s neck and he felt his blood pulse through his whole body in a slow, hot rush.

Suddenly, it was imperative that Brian’s clothes come off. Justin leaned in and licked the soft spot at the base of Brian’s neck, then he yanked Brian’s shirt over his head. Brian gave him that dark, vaguely dirty look from underneath his eyebrows before he leaned in and seized Justin’s mouth again, one hand moving up from his ass to wrap around his neck.

“Your jeans have to come off if you want me to rescue you,” muttered Justin against Brian’s mouth, while he tried to peel Brian’s jeans down.

“Rescue me?” asked Brian. He stroked Justin’s stomach, moving lower and lower, and Justin stopped breathing for a moment.

“Like Rapunzel,” agreed Justin.

“Right.” Brian let out a short laugh. “The weed. Christ.”

Justin slid off of his lap, and between his legs. He slid a hand around Brian’s cock and leaned in to lick him. He could hear Brian’s breath hitch and he took him the rest of the way into his mouth. This was a rescue mission, so he pulled out all the stops.

When Brian had started thrusting into his mouth and making that little gasping noise that Justin was sure he didn’t know he made, Justin pulled away and stood up.

“Come on,” he said. “I want you to fuck me over the back of the couch.”


“That was over the front of the couch. And it was two weeks ago.” Brian laughed, stood up and grabbed him, shedding his jeans on the way around the couch. Justin felt the subtle shift where he let Brian take control and maneuver him into position, hips pressed into the back of the couch as he laughed into it. Rescue mission accomplished.

“Far be it from me to deny you whatever place you want to fuck,” Brian said, sliding a finger inside of him. Justin pushed back on it with a small grunt. The finger disappeared and was replaced by the maddeningly slow invasion of Brian’s cock. Brian held Justin’s hips and refused to let him speed things up by moving. When he was pressed all the way inside and they were both panting, Brian spread a firm hand over Justin’s spine and started to move in earnest.

Justin pressed into the couch and braced his hands so that he could push back, not caring that he was probably going to have an imprint of the couch down his body afterwards. Every stroke of Brian’s brought on another wave of heat and another layer of sweat. He could hear Brian’s hips smacking into his ass, and although the friction of the couch was a little rough against his cock, that made it even better.

Brian bent his knees and changed the angle just enough to hit the right spot every time. Justin gasped and felt the pressure build behind his eyes. He reached back and slapped Brian’s hip, causing him to hitch Justin up enough that he could reach under and grip Justin’s cock. It only took one stroke and Justin arched and stopped breathing as his body jerked and he came in Brian’s hand. Brian held still for a minute, and then thrust slowly one more time. A last wave of heat broke over Justin before Brian moaned and came.

Brian slid a hand down Justin’s back and held the condom as he pulled out. Justin listened to his footsteps trail away and then come back. He noticed he was covered in sweat and sticking to the couch. Somehow the heat hadn’t seemed very important while Brian was fucking him but now it was back with a vengeance.

“Too hot,” he complained, gathering the prerogative to push off of the couch. He stood up, wobbling. Brian slid both arms around him and pulled him back against him, their sweaty skin sliding interestingly together.

“Too hot,” Brian drawled, and he kissed Justin’s shoulder. “Let’s go take a shower.”

Justin followed him happily into the bathroom. “Okay. And then let’s go hang out some place air conditioned until Babylon opens.”

Brian laughed and followed him into the shower.
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