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Too Much, S1 Gapfiller, NC-17

The only thing that is making me happy right now is "the b/j." This is dedicated to everyone who wishes that we all lived on Liberty Avenue, it was still 314, and Stockwell just lost--you know--I'm just so Barry Manilow and "trying to get that feeling again." Anyway, different season, but a distraction nonetheless:
Title: Too Much, Brian's POV, S1 Gapfiller
Setting: This is my version of what happened the night Brian "made it an early night" in S1, the night we saw just a glimpse. You know, when WE WERE ROBBED. Ahem.
Genre: Mostly PWP, maybe a little Angsty, it's late, I don't know, lots of nakedness
Warnings: NC-17
Feedback: Please, please, please. I've been harmed by the making of this presidency. Stroke me.

Too Much—S1 Gapfiller, Brian's POV

“You talk to much.” The smoke from my cigarette curled upward toward the bedroom ceiling and faded away as Justin watched, just as he had watched everything I had done since the moment I’d met him.

“Well, if that’s your only complaint about me after we just did—“ he looked at me, unsure about whether or not he wanted to finish his sentence, the confidence he had in spades while we were “doing all that” seemed to be evaporating too quickly—“all that fucking. That’s not so bad.”

Yeah, he’s sitting over there on my bed thinking that he talks to much.

I laugh and kill my cigarette, knowing that Justin regretted that he hadn’t smoked one too. At least then, he would have had something in his mouth.

“You can’t help it. You’re just a kid. But I’m not complaining.” I prop myself on my side, not knowing that the only thing that is really wrong with tonight is that Justin and I are each on the wrong side of the bed--that in a few years, I’ll complain about Justin a lot, but only to him, and he’ll always sleep on his own side of the bed.

“You’re not?” I guess I really sounded like I was.

“No, it’s kind of cute.” It is infinitely cuter than any of the tricks I ever bring home any other time, tricks who are so in awe of me that they barely speak at all. They are so fucking boring.

“But you told me to shut up before when I was--.”

“Because you almost bit my dick.” Actually, that was kind of cute too. Usually a guy with bad technique gets to hit the stairwell while I finish myself off. “There’s a time to talk during sex, and then there’s a time not to. You’ll figure it out.” It’s just nervous energy anyway, and this kid stirs up mine. I kind of have this fucked-up empathy for him.

“Yeah, well thanks for having me over. I should probably get dressed and--. Do you think you could take me to my friend Daphne’s?”


“Okay. Well I brought money. I can just call a cab or something.” I can’t deal with this how adorable this guy is. What was Debbie calling him? 'Sunshine?’

“No. I mean you are staying here. I’m not just gonna throw you out. Jesus.”

“Oh. Sorry.”

Now I’m actually gonna have to take his clothes back off. He’s so much work. At least he didn’t put his shoes back on yet.

“You know what?” My nude body crosses the space between us on my bed, pulling him back into my arms. It’s kind of like hugging a windmill. He’s sort of everywhere at once. “I have this ‘no clothing’ rule in my bed. You need to take these off.” I tug at his youthful t-shirt and cargo-pants.

“Don’t you want to go to sleep? It’s late. I mean, I have school.”

“You ask dumb questions.”

“I do?”

“That was another dumb question. Now take your clothes off.” Even his dumb questions make me hard, and I don’t have any clothes to disguise my towering erection. If he really pays any attention to me, he’ll realize that I don’t find him annoying at all, quite the contrary. Damnit.

He starts to take his clothes off. Finally. But he doesn’t stop talking.

“I kind of want to go asleep.” He’s down to his underwear and snuggling up against me. God, I don’t know what kind of soap he used this morning or maybe after gym class today, but I can still smell it. I love soap. Deep, deep breath. Wait a minute, what the fuck did he just say?

“Why the fuck would you want to go to sleep?” Why would anybody want to go to sleep when my hand is in their gray cotton underwear? When my fingers are tugging at their eager cock that is so clearly dying to listen to me? When their high-school hips are starting to rut against me just because my fingers are getting closer to their hole? Please explain that me.

“Because every time I go to sleep, I see you in my dreams.”

Now, that’s a good reason.

“Tell me what you see.” My hand is still fumbling inside his underwear, and my eyes are darting across his face. We are both wide awake now. “I mean it. Take these off and tell me.” He slides his underwear down his muscular legs, and they are instantly part of the past. I climb on top of him. Our erections press together as I grin at him, toying with his hair. “Go on Justin. I’m waiting.”

Suddenly he’s speechless. Imagine that. I give him my tongue to keep him busy for a while, to give him time to think. I’d like to give him a lot more, but I can be a patient man when the reward is worth it.

“I see you standing there in the middle of your loft naked.”

“Uh huh.” So much kissing, so few body parts.

“And I see myself walking up to you, and you touching me, and undoing my jeans…”

“Mmmm.” My hands run down the side of his body. “Go on.”

“Then I see you kissing me and then the room just starts spinning.” Funny, we both have a spinning room. He leans up to kiss me, and I kiss him hard, just to see if I can make it spin again.

“Mmmmm. Then what?” My voice is breathy in his ear.

“Then I kind of fast forward to the sex because the whole ‘coming while you were on the phone thing’ kind of embarrassed me.” Christ, I could fuck this kid’s honesty right now. He makes me laugh.

“Okay, fast forward.” Yeah, Justin, get to the good part.

I realize that his hot hands are roaming all over my arms and my shoulders and that I am really looking forward to every single word that is coming out of his mouth. His hands clasp behind my neck and his dilated-pupils lock with mine.

“I feel you rimming me.” His lips smash into mine, and he flips in my arms, landing on his stomach. My, my, my. Listen to Justin and his new vocabulary.

I lay my upper body on his and whisper into his ear.

“I need you to be more specific.” Neither of us is going to be getting any sleep tonight. I press him into the mattress. He moans underneath my grasp.

“I feel your tongue moving down my back.” I oblige him, stopping at his ass, waiting for him. My eyes looking to him for guidance in the darkness.

“I’m waiting for you Justin.” I kiss the very beginning of his crack, reminding him of what comes next, in case he has forgotten.

“I feel your tongue slide down my crack.” Good boy. His voice is vulnerable, and it is destroying me. I love this kind of destruction. I leave a warm wet trail all the way to his pucker that just a few days ago was completely unlicked and untouched. My how times have changed.

“You’re doing a good job Justin. What comes next?” I know the sound of my voice is pushing him over the edge and just watching his hips rut into the mattress is almost enough for me. Almost, but not quite.

“You rim me.” I was hoping for something a little more explicit, but I’ll take that. I shove a pillow under his hips which surprises him a little and spread his legs open. He grunts and moans for me as my tongue coats his hole. “Brian.” He’s begging. I suck it before I thrust my tongue inside, and he is panting, almost fussing at me. Oh god, he’s too much. “I’m gonna come. I’m gonna come.”

“No you’re not.” He’s come so many times tonight that I’m fairly sure he’s over-reacting. “But I am going to fuck you now, and then you will come.”

“Oh my god.” He reaches for a pillow. I reach for a condom and lube. He starts to flip over.

“No. I want you on all fours, like this.” I’m not losing my picture-perfect shot of his unbelievable ass. He groans.

My lubed thumb rubs the outline of his hole before forcing its way inside, and he cries out. I fuck him for awhile like that until he is begging me for more. My cock inches in slowly, and I watch the whole show, watch his tight, tight ass swallow me bit by bit, protest by protest, until my balls are slapping against him, and he is definitely making a mess all over my bed.

His orgasm chokes mine right out of me, making me fall on top of him in some desperate attempt to make the room stop spinning again. I fail miserably. He makes me so dizzy.

Somehow I pull out of him, get rid of the condom and kiss him so many more times than I should ever kiss anyone that I never plan on seeing again.

“Let that be a lesson to you Justin,” I tell him as my ragged breath lets me speak a few words before I drift off to sleep.

“Let what be a lesson to me?” God, this kid is so dense.

That is how you talk to somebody in bed.”

“I know, Brian. Good night.” He kisses me on the lips, pulls the covers up over both of us, and turns on his side to go sleep.

I fucking spoon him. This kid is too much.

The End.
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  • Mod Note

    Yeah, just in case you forgot, this is STILL a B/J comm. Meaning Brian and Justin. Gay sex. Yep. *gets out mod stick*

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