November 4th, 2004


Reaching Out

Title: Reaching Out
Author: edenmalfoy
Rating: PG13 for language
Warnings: Implied Ethan/Justin…but when reading this remember that I hate Ethan with a fiery passion. Also pretty bad lanuage.
Spoilers: Mid season 2 through mid season 3
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Special thank to: My wonderful betas; zosha2003, agentslash69, sapphire9977. Thanks so much guys!
Summary: Justin and Brian have some pretty heavy thoughts at night while they’re separated.

Feedback is greatly appreciated and craved like caffeine, thank you!

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Too Much, S1 Gapfiller, NC-17

The only thing that is making me happy right now is "the b/j." This is dedicated to everyone who wishes that we all lived on Liberty Avenue, it was still 314, and Stockwell just lost--you know--I'm just so Barry Manilow and "trying to get that feeling again." Anyway, different season, but a distraction nonetheless:
Title: Too Much, Brian's POV, S1 Gapfiller
Setting: This is my version of what happened the night Brian "made it an early night" in S1, the night we saw just a glimpse. You know, when WE WERE ROBBED. Ahem.
Genre: Mostly PWP, maybe a little Angsty, it's late, I don't know, lots of nakedness
Warnings: NC-17
Feedback: Please, please, please. I've been harmed by the making of this presidency. Stroke me.

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New Fic: Hollywood Hiatus 1/12

Well, it's finally ready and the first chapter is up and you can read it on my site. Follow this link:

Title: Hollywood Hiatus 1/12
Author: Danny
Pairing: Brian and Justin
Rating: R to NC-17 for entire series.
Genre: Minor Angst, PWP, Humor, Drama, Romance, Post Season 4 Fantasy Fic

Collection: Another story in the Jealousy Collection that consists of the common theme of foreign languages/accents, the Armani suit that Brian bought for Justin and Brian’s unfounded jealousy.

Archive: ATP and
Story Link:

Author’s Notes: When Justin accepted Brett’s job offer then told Brian about his romp with Conner James this came to me and I just had to do it. While it started out as another Jealousy story, this one is much longer and not quite the same as the others.

Warnings: B/J/OMC, mention of J/Other
Disclaimer: The boys aren’t mine, even though I wish that they were.
Feedback: Yes, please. Feed me. Send to or comment here.

Story Summary: Brian comes face to face with the reality that one of Justin’s previous one-time only tricks has been pushed front and center into Justin’s life.

Chapter 1 – The Departure
Rating: NC-17
Chapter Summary: Justin informs Brian of his job offer in Hollywood.