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25 June 2007 @ 07:53 pm
Rec Lis 1 (restored)  

The first Rec List!

It accidentally got deleted earlier today, but I've managed to get it back thanks to my wonderful friend  galefan4ever!!!! Also its been brought to my attention that due to these rec list, I will no longer be sponsering a direct link for Bjfic.net!

Bjfic.net Stories –

 Sunshine Series by Crazy fairy
Subdued Sunshine (64753 words)
Summary -- Brian and Justin meet under entirely different circumstances. First story in the Sunshine series.
Glimmering Sunshine (62591 words)
Summary -- With Brian's help, Justin starts to get his life back under control. Second story in the Sunshine series.
Hazy Sunshine (61774 words)
Summary -- Just as Justin is getting his life under control Brian's spins out into chaos. Third story in the Sunshine series.
Raging Sunshine (56044 words)
Summary -- In the aftermath of tragedy Justin finds out just how strong he can be.  Final story in the Sunshine series. (Unfinished)

Skillig by Acacia (33794 words)
Summary -- Set after season 2. Justin is on the run from an abusive Ethan. Brian, Ben, and others try to help him through the pain he has endured.

A New Beginning by Eowyn's Musings (155631 words)
Summary -- After the Rage party, things change once more for Brian and Justin, and a certain fiddler won't take "No" for an answer. (WIP)

Safe by Lola (2481 words)
Summary -- Would Brian really let Justin commit suicide? Starts dark, ends sappy. (One-Shot)

Decadence by CrazyFairy (62455 words)
Summary -- In 1920's Pittsburgh, Brian is the most powerful man in the city and Justin is a starving artist just trying to survive from one day to the next.

Commuter Flight Stories by Netlagd (101666 words)
Summary -- After winning the Advertising Executive of the Year Award, Brian is drafted into being a guest lecturer at NYUs School of Marketing. After an aborted
Hollywood career, Justin finds freelance art direction consulting for movies, videos and stage productions a way to finance his art career. Brian and Justin keep bumping into each other on commuter flights back and forth between Pittsburgh and New York
Sequel - Turbulence (8768 words and counting)
Summary --  Continuation of Commuter Flight Stories (WIP)

The Naive Boy by Draccone (62409 words)
Summary -- Justin has been burned so many times that he is almost a complete asshole like the slut of liberty avenue... would things get solved in time or will it be too late for Justin's happiness. Daphne has a date and needs Justin help to double date with her. Would he do it?
Sequel - Now a Man (65710 words)
Summary -- Brian and Justin are still together even after Brian moved to New York, but would it stay that way??


Image is Everything by Thyme (48310 words)
Summary -- Brian is an ex fashion model turned photographer. Justin wants to get into modeling.

Rose Water by Kamikaze (Long!)
Summary ---Justin is a cutter who is struggling to find solid ground for himself and help for his problem while holding onto Brian for support.(An active WIP)
Happily Ever After by Julia (136630 words)
Summary -- Brian Kinney: CEO of Kinnetik Advertising Agency, but now a recluse and making a living writing screenplays: romantic thrillers. But these are stories that never have happy endings ~ Following circumstances that leave him scarred and guilt-ridden, Brian has retreated to his house and buried himself in his work ~Justin Taylor: Struggling artist who is commissioned to paint a portrait of Brian's son, Gus ~~ What happens when they meet? ~Can Justin persuade Brian he's still as beautiful and desirable as he ever was and that there is such a thing as a happy ending: that they can live happily ever after? 

Superstar by Vamphile (Fairly Long!)
Summary -- Brian and Justin star in a porn
Visible (Sequel to Superstar)
Summary -- Five Years after Superstar (which you totally don’t have to read to get this) Justin is an art director in
Hollywood and Brian is a legitmate actor. He gets a role on a new Fox series entitled “Vanished” and he and Justin are in LA together. (An Active WIP)

Out of Shadows by Kimberly (fairly long)
Summary -- The rising star ad exec needs to get the blond he met out of his head...or into his bed.
(This a spin on Craig finding out about Justin being gay so he kicks him out the house. So Brian enters the picture....)
The Kane Series by Erin (Pretty Long)
Summary -- (My own) Justin has left Brian at the Rage party, 2 months have passed and Justin realizes his mistake. Brain is living a shitty existence and someone walks in right when Brain needs it the most but fights the help tooth and nail that could get him back Justin.

The Long Road Home by Julia (87596 words)
Summary -- Aged 17, Brian Kinney got on the first bus out of town when his life fell apart and drifted until he found somewhere he thought might become home. But then someone tried to get too close, awakening old fears and memories and Brian hits the road again. Justin Taylor is trying to run his small family farm and raise his kid sister, following the death of their parents. When Brian stumbles onto the Taylor Farm, will he ever want to leave or will those fears and memories come back to haunt him again?

Home Run by Julia (34652 words)
Summary -- Brian and Justin have gone their separate ways following the Rage Party. After successfully launching his own advertising agency, Kinnetik, in
Pittsburgh, Brian moves to New York to open up a second office. Justin accompanied Ethan to Europe, but their relationship is over. Returning to Pittsburgh, he discovers that Brian has moved away. Realising that he must get on with his life without Brian, Justin takes a position in Hollywood as an animator and now lives in L.A. Brian is approaching his 40th birthday. Tragedy strikes and he suddenly has custody of his ten year old son, Gus. What happens when events bring both Brian and Justin back to Pittsburgh? With acknowledgements to 'Sleepless in Seattle
' .
Putting Down Roots Sequel to Home Run (45736 words)
Summary -- Following tragic circumstances, Brian is now raising his ten year old son, Gus ~After finding each other again after almost ten years apart, Brian and Justin start a new chapter of their lives as partners: a committed couple ~How easily do they come to terms with their new situation? ~~~ Can memories of the past ever be erased and what does the future hold for them? 

Queer Theories by  Gaedhal (too long to count)
Summary -- (My own) I haven't fully finished it as it's up to chapter 74 and I've only recently discovered this wonderful treasure. Brian and Justin are together but something from Brian's past has come back to claim him. Brian follows his past and could rip the family if not a small fraction of the family apart. (That's the best I can do......)

Experientia Docet by Acacia (114651 words)
Summary -- Brian and Justin meet under different circumstances. Brian is working at Vanguard and Justin is a much sought after actor.

The Duke of Tremont by Kris (fairly decent)
Summary -- Justin is an Earl’s son who is exiled and almost murdered, Brian is the Duke that saves him. 

Edge of the World by CrazyFairy (Could be read in 1 or 2 days)
Summary -- The year is 55BC. Brian is a Roman officer and Justin is a tattooed Celt
Ace of Hearts by Greta (Read in about a day)
Summary -- Brian and Justin in 1800’s Brian gambler who wins Justin in a card game.

Silent Night by Moonshadow Woman (127321 words)
Summary -- Justin's life was never the same when his father threw him out of the house - will he learn to live again?



Bjfic.net Stories -

Bad Ass J by Tasha and Teagen (26022 words)
Summary -- Our boys, as well as the rest of the gang meet in a different way. Justin has been in juvee for the past 8 month and just got out. He has to go live with his parents and go back to High School. He is the bad boy. When Justin gets to HS he meets the gang and Brian also. Brian is the star soccer player, well rounded, parents are on PTA but never really around. A buzz starts. (Unfinished)


Close to Home by Thyme (35573 words)
Summary -- Brian and Justin have not met yet. Brian has other problems to deal with
Sequel - Close to Home II (42772 words)
Summary -- This is a continuation of Close to Home which was about Brian in a wheelchair. You might want to refresh your memory with the original.

Bleeding Emotions by Carly (Read in a day)
Summary -- Brian is a high school senior with a hidden talent. Justin is in his senior year of college with hopes of becoming an artist. What happens when they cross paths? (Unfinished)

College Daze by HK (Read in about 2 days)
Summary -- AU Brian and Justin are College Students falling in looooooove.

Small Town by Cindy (Read in about 3 or 4 days)
Summary -- Brian and Justin meet as teenagers and fall in love.

A Way to Fall by </a>burnitbackwards (Read in a day)
Summary -- Justin is a bad little boy and gets sent away to boarding school.

From Utter Hell to Delicious Torment by Draccone (79829 words)
Summary -- Brian and Justin are in high school together and they...hate each other.

Where There's Heat by Erin (Read in a day to two)
Summary -- What if Justin hadn’t been standing under that lamppost on Liberty Avenue? What if Brian had decided that the blowjob he was receiving in the backroom of Babylon was worth sticking around for? What if… 
There's Fire (Epilogue) (Not even a day)

Are you Ready for Love? by Bryant MacLagan  (105284 words)
Summary -- Set years after the end of season 2. Justin returns to Pittsburgh but life is not the same as before

Forever My Avalon by Bryant MacLagan   (186275 words)
Summary -- Brian and Justin meet under different circumstances. Together they must try to survive the trials and tribulations that life/friends/ and the US Navy throw at them.

</span>Forever Young by SATURN (89708 words)
Summary --  Justin is an infamous exotic dancer who is starting at a new club, owned by Vic and Em. Brian and Justin have yet to meet. Let's see what Brian thinks of Forever Young's new headliner. 

Bjfic.net Stories –


IrishHunk has Logged on by daisy (56579 words)
Summary -- Brought up to think he was inferior, Brian Kinney is the shy employee of an ad agency where his boss regularly steals Brian's ideas to pass off as his own.  Too insecure to defend himself, Brian leads the life of a doormat.  He lives vicariously through an online personality he created, and it's there in cyberspace that Brian is the stud he's always longed to be.  Enter Justin Taylor, new to the Ryder Agency and Pittsburgh, determined to prove himself, to the detriment of his social life.  He turns to the web in search of a good time and encounters the mysterious IrishHunk.  Would he ever believe that IrishHunk is really the office nerd he's been assigned to work with on his first big campaign? 


A Promise of Tomorrow by SterlingDragonfly (30563 words)
Summary -- When Justin and Molly's parents are killed, they go to live with their uncle and his partner. As Justin grows up, he becomes fascinated with a certain Brian Kinney.

A Shooting Star by Vamphile (63600 words)
Summary -- Brian is a Porn Star and Justin is hired to be the Virgin he pops in his new film. It's total AU.

Always by AzureOpal (52456 words)
Summary -- Justin is a teenage father new to Pittsburgh. This is my first fic, so feedback is greatly appreciated. I have decided, after great consideration, that this fic is not anti-Michael.



Prologue - Embark (3258 words) ONE-SHOT
Summary - -gapfiller, Timeline wise it opens immediately after the last scene Brian and Justin are in together at the end of 513.

Framed (10004 words) ONE-SHOT
Summary -- Spoilers through the end of season 5 and beyond. Post-513. Brian's POV.

Sequel - Beyond the Yellow Brick Road (155972 words)
Summary -- Post-513. Number of chapters unknown at this point. (An active WIP)

Vanishing Act by </a>netlagd
(barely an hour)
Summary -- Brian Kinney lands the leading role in a new dramatic investigation television series. Filming on location in Atlanta he meets Artist Justin Taylor.

Broken Image by Susan K. James & NJPax (Take about 2 or 3 days)
Summary -- In the aftermath of a life-altering event, Brian Kinney survives only to face the challenges of rebuilding his image with the help of the two men closest to him and his unconventional extended "family."  Justin's love and Michael's friendship show him the man he can be again.  


(I know this is going to be a short update)

Correspondence by </a>quinn222

Summary -- (My own) A story done through about 6 months of letters/e-mails/postcards they send each other since Justin is away in Europe for work and Brian is stuck home working. I want to say this is post-season 5 but don't hold me to that since I'm not a 100% sure.

Sense of Liberty Arc by </a>mclachlan</span>
Summary -- (My own) post 5.13, 1) Gus shows up at Justin's place unannounced 2) As you gaze into her mismatched eyes, you come to terms with the fact that Brian's going to kill you. 3) Craig makes an apperance 4) The question finally makes an appearance along with rings...........

Wanting by </a>justabrowngirlnbsp</span>Summary -- (My own) post - season 5, basically this story starts up where the show left off. (Unfished)

Do Unto Others by Kamikaze
Summary -- Brian and Justin struggle with how to put the pieces of their life back together, when one of them is falling apart. (Rape) (An Active WIP)

BJFic.net Stories –

Incarnadine by Rhiannonhero (6319 words)
Summary -- It's porn. Then some more porn. Then porn again. (One-Shot!!!) 
(I know I said I'd never do PWPs or anything but I got recced this and started reading it, it's so freaking good!!!)

The Babysitter by BlackLily
Summary -- AU - Six months ago, on the night Gus was born, Mel and Lindz were in a car accident on the way to the hospital and were killed, but Gus survived. Now single-father Brian is forced to take care of him, but between work and Babylon he doesn't have enough time to do so---enter babysitter Justin, who never met Brian that night, and is struggling to survive because he was kicked out by his father because Craig found out he was gay when he was coming home from Liberty avenue that night (still a virgin). (Unfinished)

Eternal Triangle by Sterling Dragonfly
Summary -- Michael's interference with B/J's past lives threatens to wreck their present relationship. 

Dominance by </a>fansee

Summary -- It all began in the air.......

Anything of Nothing by CrazyFairy (62761 words)
Summary -- Some things are dreams. Some are memories. The hard part is figuring out which is which.

</span>Gone by </a>besame_bj
Summary -- "Why is Justin wandering the streets of Pittsburgh?"



Out From Inside by </a>bigboobedcanuck

Summary -- post 5-13 and very angsty
Sequel -- To Face Unafraid
Summary --  Brian, Justin, and Gus's first Christmas without Mel and Lindz

Agoraphobia by grover
Summary --  Justin has been isolated with his pets for years; tonight, there's an unexpected knock on the door.  (Active Update)

Back to the Beginning by </a>faramir_boromir

Summary -- Post Season 5, 3 years after 513. Brian shoulders an unexpected responsibility

Brothers Keeper by </a>vamphile</span>
Summary -- Post 5-13, Justin finds out that he has a half-brother whose gay and is having to deal with the Craig issue.
Brain and Justin are together but Justin lives in New York.
Sequel -- Keeping It Together
Sequel -- Safe Keeping

Southerin Sunshine by Thyme and Gina
Summary --  Justin is forced to move from Georgia to Pittsburg
Sequel -- Northern Sunshine

Brian Kinney Saves the Universe by Valerie Lewis
Summary -- Brian Kinney is honest and has quick wit, what would happen if he was to decide to run for office? (thanks </a>beathen</span>)

Summer Camp by ????
Summary -- AU! Justin is a 13-year old rich kid whose forced to go to Summer Camp that's ran by Debbie and Vic.

Motorcycle by </a>triciaqaf</span>
Summary -- PWP again, no particular time frame. (One-Shot)

</span>The SunShine Files Series by Thyme and Sabina
The SunShine Files
Summary -- Justin makes a discovery about Brian's ancestry.
Summary -- This is a sequel to "The Sunshine Files". It will make more sense if you read that story first.
The Farm
Summary -- This is the next part in the series that began with "The Sunshine Files". It will make more sense if you read it and "Treehouse" first.
Joan vs. The State of Liberty
Summary -- It's a little different than the other series but not totally about Joan. It carries on from "The Farm".
A Tale of Four Queers
Summary -- Brian and John take their partners on a vacation to South America, following in the footsteps of the artist Kinney.
Runaway Life
Summary -- Hunter runs away and is found and helped by the Andersons and Brian and Justin. Brian and Justin keep the the family together as the past and present collide.
Wedding Bell Blues
Summary -- Brian and Justin, along with the rest of the family, help John and Bobby with their wedding plans. Along the way, with the twists and turns, Brian makes a decision and a commitment to Justin.
What a Difference a Year Makes
Summary -- After John and Bobby's wedding big changes are in the wind.
What a Difference a Year Makes II
Summary -- Brian and Justin help John and Bobby as they try to have a baby. This is the continuation of the 

Sunshine Files
First Comes Loves
Summary -- A new branch office for Kinnetik, Brian and Justin prepare for their wedding and for their new life together as a committed couple.
Then Comes Marriage
Summary-- Brian and Justin begin their married life together with the help and interference of the family.
Then Comes Brain
Summary -- Brian and Justin add to their family, while Justin struggles to resurrect the Rage movie.
Bad as New
Summary -- Brian has an idea that disturbs him, and it leads to a series of even more disturbing rumors.
All the Rage 
Summary -- Brian and Justin are preparing for Rage. Hunter's clinic is attracting clients and John's construction crew is hard at work. Rage is coming!
Should Old Acquaintance
Summary -- A death and a baptism lead to some new family dynamics.
And Never Brought Mind
Summary -- Some new Taylors arrive on the scene and complicate everyone's lives.
Sins of the Father
Summary -- An anniversary trip leads to some new understandings for the Kinney-Taylor family.

Sunshine Files
Afflicted Unto the Several Generations
Summary -- Traits of the fathers affect the Kinney-Taylor family


******Updated 8-21-06*****

A Mater of Trust by Meredeth
Summary -- Brian and Justin are millionaires, both having given up on finding someone who can see past their money. What happens when they meet?

Dirty Little Secret by Naima
Summary -- Inspired by the song by All-American Rejects. High School fic, Brian's a jock and Justin is an artist with a haunting family life. (WIP)

Kiss me Alright by Bine
Summary -- Autistic Justin Taylor (18) gets transferred from the children and youth psychiatry/Harrisburg to St. James, an institution for mentally ill people in Pittsburgh....and Justin is really concerned because the new tower is so much higher than the last one and how should the prince ever be able to find him now? A story about the love for a very special person and how to look at the world with different eyes. (WIP)

Send me an Angel Part 1: Never is a Promise by Snow
Summary -- A few months after the Rage party. Justin leaves with Ethan. (this is one of the domestic violence fics....BTW) Don't worry: there is a happy ending!
Sequel -- Send me an Angel Part 2: A Heaven is Wide
Summary -- Justin has left Ethan. Brian has no idea what's been going on.

The Things I Cannot Change by </a>suzvoy

Summary -- A Season 1 AU, set before 107. Brain/Justin, angst.

Going the Distance by Meredeth
Summary -- Justin and Brian are 17 and living on opposite ends of the country. Justin is blind, but Brian doesn't know it. Can technology bring them together, without tearing them apart?

Right Next Door by Meredeth
Summary -- Brian finally finds the peace he'd been looking for with his sprawling house in the middle of nowhere. Now he's ready to live his life the way he always dreamed of; by himself with no one to answer to. But when he goes away on an extended trip and comes home to find that his tranquil world has been invaded by the one thing he abhors most, a family with 2.5 kids and a dog, he's less than pleased. This was just the scenario he was trying to avoid. Or was it? </span>

Suprises, Changes, and Hopeful Expectations by Starema
Summary -- A new series that will hold many twists, surprises, and changes in the life of Brian. 

Under a Doctor's Care by Meredeth
Summary --  Dr. Brian Kinney is a single father of two. What happens when he crosses the line and accidentally gets involved with a patient's personal life?

I Remember You Series by Hannah Folk
I'd Live for your Smile & Die for your Kiss 
Summary --  Brian is upset when he finds out the secret that Justin has been keeping about his new boyfriend.
Love Went Blind & You Make me Smile
Summary -- Justin gets back out into the Liberty Avenue world and he and Brian have some things to work on.
Paint a Picture of the Days Gone By
Summary -- In the afterglow of making love with Brian, Justin remembers all the things that happened to bring him to that moment. WARNING: Violence
Love Letters in the Sand
Summary -- Justin has to confront Galen. Brian has to confront his own feelings for Justin.
Wished Ever After Would Be Like This
Summary -- Gus spends the weekend at the loft. Brian gets a promotion.

My Only Critic by </a>foreverfolked

Summary -- Brian is an OCD Art Critic for the Sun Times. Justin is a well known yet lonely artist. For six years Brian has wriiten words regarding Justin's work as though Justin feels the man had painted them and knew each piece as he. For six years Brian is too shy to ask for an interview, much to his boss' dismay and due to the way Brian dresses, uuhumm in clothes from walmart with the exception of his sports jeresey's, Justin assumes the man is straight, though he secretly keeps a scrapbook and sketchbook devoted to the man. What happends when Brian's boss draws the line and insists that Brian conduct a one on one interview with Justin Taylor, no if ands or cute blonde boy bubble butts about it? (WIP & M-preg)


Here are the links to the other Rec List -

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Han-chan, the cutest Ham on earthhangebokhan on June 26th, 2007 01:10 am (UTC)
Wait... I am quite daft, to this I freely admit, what does this mean?

Also its been brought to my attention that due to these rec list, I will no longer be sponsoring a direct link for Bjfic.net and other then the fics I have on here now, I will not be reccing fics from that site either.
Joon: Badassjooniper_pearl on June 26th, 2007 02:34 am (UTC)
Yeah, I'm not exactly clear on this one either....
sarcasm is a way of lifecelebriangel on August 10th, 2007 08:23 pm (UTC)
*fangirls enthusiastically for the wonderful rec list*

But, um. The link for "Brother's Keeper" is broken. I did some hunting, and found this story at http://www.valerielewis.net/bj/brother01.html

Just for anyone who's interested.
princess2000204princess2000204 on August 10th, 2007 10:57 pm (UTC)
Thank You for letting me know of the broken link! I'll certainly add that to the links that need to changed.

csmarscsmars on January 15th, 2008 06:34 am (UTC)
disturbingly i've read about 90% of the fics here in the past 3 months. I'm slowly working thru the Sunshine Files but it's really just too long i need to take a break and read other things. But I love Thyme's writing so much! Her (?) Close to Home III is also finished.

I'm going to read the Ace of Hearts, it sounds pretty good.
princess2000204: BJ Togetherprincess2000204 on January 16th, 2008 03:53 am (UTC)
I know of Thyme's 'Close to Home 3' but I'm waiting for it to get further along completion before I rec it.

I LOVE Sunshine Files!!! It's one of my favorite series, I'm about 3 stories behind and I'll be caught up with it.
J3ssikaaj3ssikaa on December 25th, 2010 03:56 am (UTC)
Decadence by Crazy Fairy
HELP!!!!! I'm searching for this story for so long but all the links I found were broken... I'm desperate and going insane with frustration!! Can somebody help me here?? Pwetty pleeeeeeeease?!!